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Privacy Policy




By accessing and using the “www.oldtownpointhotel.com” website (“website” or “site”), you agree that the following Terms of Use and all terms and conditions included or posted in the Terms of Use are legally binding on you. . OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL reserves the right to change the existing type files and sections in the site and site extensions, including the terms of the contract, without the need for any notification.




“All publication rights in the content of the www.oldtownpointhotel.com website are up-to-date. It is not allowed to store, copy, change and reproduce the transfers, graphics, sound cutting, programs, software, texts, animations of videos and other phrases on the site only on the site. The brand and product options used by the betting and third parties within the scope of the Internet are unlimitedly subject to the legal regulations on intellectual and property rights. OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL brand, logo and all rights related to the services offered by OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL belong to OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL . Images, graphics, video and text etc. on the website related to these products. OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL's permission can not be reproduced without limit and used in electronic or printed publications. Copyrights and all other proprietary rights relating to the content provided by OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL, its subsidiaries, affiliates and/or partners, the software for operating and publishing the web system, the compilation of the data on the website and the web distribution order, sequence and arrangement are separately and It belongs to OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL . All rights not expressly granted in this document regarding the content are reserved. The use and registration of the name OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL belongs exclusively to OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL . A company name, legal advertisement, commercial advertisement, domain name or other advertisement using the OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL name or similar name or part of the OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL name or a registered trademark owned by the OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL company, indicator or cannot be identified or registered.




This site contains OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL trademarks, logos and OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL service marks. The following, but not limited to, OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL logos and product and service advertisements are the trademarks of OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL and OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL within its group companies. Any copying or use of this site's content or brands is prohibited without the express and written consent of OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL . In this regard, OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL reserves the right to pursue all kinds of legal proceedings, lawsuits and complaints .




regarding the services offered on the website , OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL has the right to refuse or cancel a service that has been booked or made under the service contract. In any case, OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL has the right to reject or cancel any order/order of any kind, in whole or in part , whether the price of the order or service has been collected or not .




These terms and conditions are valid at the time of accessing and using the Website. These terms and conditions may be changed, terminated or canceled by anyone, for any reason, at any time, without prior notice, by OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL.




This site may collect and keep your personal information about you, OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL. If this information is requested by Administrative Authorities, Courts, Law Enforcement Forces and similar legal and administrative authorities and tools, this information may be shared with the relevant authorities and authorities.




Since information exchanges on the Internet may involve security problems, OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL cannot give or give certainty regarding the use of the website, the personal communication of the information on the site, the security of personal and other information, or against the capture of the information of third parties.




OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL, entering on the website, the site or the information on the site and other registered programs, etc. is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may arise due to the use of the contract, the variety of the contract, tortious act, or other reasons. OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL, the parties to the contract, as a result of tort, negligence or other reasons; does not accept any responsibility for interruption of the transaction, error, negligence, interruption . It is accepted that OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL is exempted from all kinds of liability, court, attorney's fee and other expenses, including the right to damage and demand, as a result of use / visit , by entering this site or the sites to which the link is given or using the site . . OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL, under no circumstances, from the use of the web system or the services of the web site, from your access or inability to access the site, or from the distribution of services or interruptions, paid expenses, direct, shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages, or for any loss of use, data or profits and any reproduction (including negligence) whether or not informed of the possibility of such damages . OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL is also not responsible for updating web systems or contents.




OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL website content or the services, contents or sections related to the site. Use of the web use is the property of all risks. OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL web services or services on the site, content, sections or sections, continuous and usable expansion, uninterrupted or dispersal of errors, errors will not break or that the site or the services, content, storage or servers that make up the site are stored virus or other harmful content or does not guarantee correct or full money. The user accepts in advance all costs of any necessary service, repair or improvement. You do not guarantee that you will not be satisfied with the services or when using
the OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL website or through the site. OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL does not make any commitments or guarantees about any rental insurance (including information on payment instruments and other personal information, no medical care limit) that you may request to third parties. The User hereby waives this agreement by requesting any claim that may be interested in third party content . OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL always has the right to refuse the user's service, terminate their account, remove or edit content or cancel orders. OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL does not guarantee in any way the confidentiality or property of communication or confidentiality on its website. The User irrevocably waives his or her right to prosecute in his own case or in hearings ( including counterclaims) regarding all issues arising from his use .”




Our site is password protected by SSL, 3D. OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL may offer the opportunity to purchase different types of goods or services on its website. When the user wants to order/reserve/purchase goods or services on the website, correct, reliable, complete and fully necessary personal information (advertisement, surname, phone number, credit card purchase, e-mail address and address ) must notify. OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL reserves the right to cancel, refuse or refuse the promised service at any time, in case of incorrect price description or price indication due to errors in the prices of the goods or services offered on the OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL website. The prices of the goods or services mentioned on the website can be changed, withdrawn or canceled by OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL at any time in single money and without any justification, if they are available or limited with the reservations of the goods or services specified on the website. The user cannot claim or make any claims in this regard .




The terms of use contained herein are subject to Turkish Law. Any dispute that may arise regarding or related to the terms of use or the use of the website, including the terms or existence of these terms of use, will be resolved in Antalya courts and enforcement offices in accordance with Turkish Laws .




If any of the provisions of these terms of use is declared invalid or unenforceable, the invalid or unenforceable provision will be replaced by a valid, enforceable provision closest to the purpose of the original provision, and the remaining provisions will remain in effect.


Force Majeure


Conditions such as natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication and technical problems, infrastructure and internet failures, power cuts and bad weather conditions make it a force majeure event.




The implementation of any part of these terms of use by OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL does not constitute a waiver of OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL's right to enforce any person's history or modifications of such use. These terms of use are between OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL and the User Agreement and consist of 14 articles. All rights belong to OLD TOWN POINT HOTEL .



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